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What isNebatsang


Nebatsang was not just any ordinary house. It was our family home in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, where my great grandparents and their six children lived and shared their lives together as a family. The name Nebatsang, when roughly translated into English, means "a place to stay." And that's exactly what our house was - a sanctuary for weary travelers who needed a place to rest their heads, even if they couldn't afford to pay.

Over the years, Nebatsang welcomed countless guests into its humble abode, offering them not just a place to sleep, but also warm meals and a restful space to share stories and laughter. Nestled on the north side of the city, our house was surrounded by nature's beauty. To the south were trees that sang with the chirps of birds in the springtime. And in the winter, a frozen pond nearby provided endless hours of fun for the children, who loved to skate on its icy surface.

To the north of our house lay vast grasslands and farms. Here, natural springs bubbled up from the ground, their crystal-clear waters tasting cool and sweet. Nebatsang was more than just a home - it was a testament to the wondrous beauty of Tibet, a place that had captured our family's hearts for generations.

It was for these reasons that I chose Nebatsang as the name of my art website. Like my family's house, I hope that my website will be a place where I can welcome people from all walks of life and share with them the breathtaking beauty of my homeland and heritage as a Tibetan.

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