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potala palace side view.jpg

Winter palace in Lhasa city, Tibet

A series of watercolor illustrations of Potala Palace

Living in Lhasa, you will always see Potala from multiple angles. It is always there situated on a hill. The first time when I visited the palace was in high school. I went up with a couple of foreigners, and they have already visited Potala three times. Sometimes, there are places in your city that tourists often get to go and see, but locals pass by and want to check out but never get to go. However, many Tibetans enjoy walking around Potala Palace in the morning and grabbing some sweet milk tea near the palace afterward.

Summer Palace in Lhasa city, Tibet

A Series of watercolour illustrations of Norbulingka

In Tibetan, "Norbu" mean's precious, and "lingka" often refers to picnic. It is a beautiful place to visit in the summer, and it is worth going there for a picnic with your family. Norbulingka is more of a childhood memory for me. I didn't get to visit the summer palace as often when I grew up. I remember when I was a child, our family went to Norbulingka once in a while. The grass, the trees, and the gardens are all well kept, and the most exciting thing for me is that there are wild deer in the 'lingka". 

Winter - Norbulingka.jpg
Village Series 2.jpg

A series of watercolour illustrations of villages in Tibet

The traditional houses in the villages are unique and historical. It gives you a glimpse of Tibet in the past. The sceneries and images of people of old times living in those villages come to my mind. Times are changing, places are under development, and small towns are turning into cities. Because of that, I want to capture those moments of the past that tells unique stories of Tibetan people's life.

A series of watercolour illustrations of downtown Lhasa

Talking about change, I wouldn't be surprised that Lhasa might be one of the fast-changing cities in the World. Whenever I go back to Lhasa, I am astonished to see the changes. I couldn't recognize my city. Nevertheless, some places remain the same. And I enjoy walking through those alleys and areas because it brings me back to my old times in Lhasa. I want to share with people the memory, the image, and the buildings of Lhasa city during my generation.

Calendar 6-2023_edited.jpg

A series of digital illustrations of native animals in Tibet

As I was scrolling through social media, I saw a couple of pictures of wild animals in Tibet, and it just came to my mind that why not paint them? I try to depict each wildlife's uniqueness and combine them with Traditional Tibetan floral designs to give an aesthetic look. Through painting these creatures, I also learned a lot about the native species in Tibet. It was a fun experience for me.

A series of watercolour illustrations of Tibetan Hats

Wearing a hat is a big thing in our culture, mainly due to the strong sunlight and the cold weather in winter. There is numerous style of hats in Tibet. In recent years, I have seen many Tibetan women on the street wearing this particular design of hats. Looking at them from behind, it creates it's own unique scenery. A few photographers tried to captured the image, and I also wanted to paint them with my hand.


A series of watercolour illustrations of Losar Tashi Delek

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